Advance invoice request from a client

I have been asked by one of my clients who currently pays monthly on monthly time sheets I submit with fluctuating amounts. With the end of tax year approaching she has asked if I can invoice her for a years (12mnths) work in advance which, she will continue to pay monthly upon receipt of my time sheet which will be offset from the invoice. I understand that she wants this done before the tax year & has been advised by her accountant that its ok. Now, I’m a little concerned about doing this as 1. I currently bill her at the end of the month & then she pays 2. I don’t know what ramifications if any this will then have for my business - positive or negative ie corporate tax etc & 4. How I would reflect this in Quickfile if its okay to do so, without messing up my accounts. In effect I would be `giving’ her 1yrs credit up front which she would then be paying monthly for.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill here? Appreciate your advise here.

I dont see any benefit for her in this, its expense for her which she has to apportion at year end anyway, she cannot book all this expense this year as cost relate to next year as well.
As far your records are concerned it will be normal invoice subject to CT and any outstanding payments would sit in accounts as debtors

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Thanks for your response :slight_smile: