Advanced Customisation

I am working on customising my client area.

I have made some changes and when I preview all looks fine, but when I “Impersonate Client” then not all of my customizations are working.

Can anyone advise please?

Also is there anyway to make the tabs open in a new window?

Hi @Debayne

Can you try logging out and back in please and see if that works?

Regarding the tabs, it may be worth starting a feature thread and we’ll take a look. However, there may be a way of doing it with custom scripts. I’ll take a look and come back to you shortly.

Edit 2
When click a linking, using either Ctrl and click the link, or use the scroll wheel of your mouse. However, remembering this can be a bit of a issue (especially if you’re like me and forget!)

To enable it for the ‘Impersonate Client’ button, you can use the following code:

        $(".page-clients-detail #btnimpersonate").attr("target", "_blank");

You can add this to your custom scripts under Account Settings > Design Customisation > Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation

Hope that helps :)
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For some reason I was trying to edit the wrong css id. I had tried that one before but it didn’t work but tried it again and this time it did LOL.

I’ll have a play with the links and see what I can do :slightly_smiling:


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