Advanced date invoice entry

ocassionally i get invoices from 3rd partys for services they provide i.e utilitys / rent etc upto 7 days before the actual invoice date,

i.e today is the 25/02/2015 and my rent invoice is dated 01/03/2015 but untill the 1st of march i cant log this invoice.

i know its a minor thing but ocassionally i forget to go back in to my emails or the image sits in the que to be created in the reciept hub

You can still send it to the receipt hub in advance, just don’t tag it until the date of the invoice.

Obviously this can be confusing if suppliers send random attachments called fhdjka83298-0.pdf etc so you could just rename the attachment before sending to something more useful for when you are viewing untagged entries in the receipt hub.

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