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Advanced Sales report tag

On creating an advanced search sales report for a particular month, the option to select a particular sales person by ‘tagged’ seems to have dissapeared,

Hi @CliveClive

Please accept my apologies, but I’m afraid that I’m unsure what you mean by:

In QuickFile there is no option to have sales person. Would you be able to clarify this at all please?

OK, I have applied a project tag to a particular person and its the dropdown list of project tags when you tick the tagged option in the advanced search which has gone.

In other words there is no option to select a particular project tag when there was 2 weeks ago…
our sales invoices have a project tag applied

Hi @CliveClive

I think there may be a bit of confusion here. There hasn’t been a specific way of filtering by project tag on the sales invoice page, but it is possible to filter invoices by project tag.

This can be done by either clicking a project tag (e.g. if it’s shown on the invoice screen), or by going to the project report (Reports >> Projects >> Pick the tag >> Show all tagged items)

@CliveClive - Please accept my apologies on this one! When I discussed this yesterday with the team, none of us seem to recall this feature being there. However, having spoken with a different colleague today, it was indeed there before but not showing now.

Something did prevent this from working, which we’re investigating, and we’ll get this fixed up shortly.

Again, apologies for that!

@CliveClive - This has now been resolved. Would you mind giving it another go please?

Phew, I was begining to question my state of mental health for a while on this one,
thanks Mathew very much for sorting this, its working fine now.

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