Advice on best way of adding a lot of data

I need to enter around 3 years of data for bank accounts, credit cards, paypal account etc, and would like suggestions from those familiar with QuickFile on the best way of entering the data.
Because many transactions will cross, such as direct debit payments from a bank account into the credit cards, it seems to complicate it.
Is it best to just enter the data for each card or bank account at a time for the 3 year period, and then repeat for the next card and so on. or to go month by month for all the accounts?
Thank you

Last 3 years? why don’t you just enter trial balances for last 3 years. You only need comparative for ltd company for previous year, no need to enter all 3 previous year and if you are not limited company you don’t even need previous year comparatives. Just enter opening balance sheet and job done

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I second @Accountant you really are creating a lot of work for yourself trying to upload and reconcile 3 years worth of data. A trial balance is by far the simplest approach.

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