Advice re: VAT set up

Hi there. I am trying to work out the correct set up I need within Quick File to show the VAT I have paid on purchases. I don’t show/charge VAT on my sales, but I can’t work out how to show VAT on purchases.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you are not vat registered , you cannot charge vat and have to record expenses including vat

When you are entering purchases you should only enter the gross amount from the receipt, which should be the total amount you are going to pay or have paid.

There’s no point recording VAT on purchases if you are not VAT registered, as this will accrue a balance under the Purchase VAT account.

Thanks for the quick response. That is what I was trying to work out. I knew if I wasn’t VAT registered I couldn’t charge it but then I wasn’t sure if I needed to record it when I paid it

Still on this subject. I have an bill I need to record which has 2 lines on it both showing totals without vat and then a vat amount. How do I record this accurately in QF?

Item 1 = £4.99
Item 2 = £11.88
Net Total = £16.87
Vat = £3.37
Total Paid = £20.24

If I record it as it is on the bill then my total is only £16.87