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Advice with Import procedure

Hi. I’m really liking QF so much so that I want to bring in historic accounts for the last tax year. I’m in the process of writing a procedure for this which is basically to prepare separate CSV files for sales and purchases for each of the two bank accounts I use(Nationwide, Paypal). My next step would be change the start balance and date on each account. The next step would be to import the files and then reconcile. HOWEVER it occurred that there are regular transfers which of course wouldn’t be imported as sales or purchases. I’m guessing I’d need to add these in manually? Could someone please advise if I could do this more easily before I proceed.

Thanks in advance for any help with this

Hi @karlj

You can still import the transfer bank transactions if you wish, but unless the dates match on both accounts (e.g. both the sending and receiving account is 28th April 2020), then you should only import one of them - either the sending, or the receiving.

They would have to be tagged manually though. If the dates do match, then you can link the 2 transactions. Otherwise, it will create the matching one for you.

Hope that makes sense?

Yep makes sense. Thanks.

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