Affinity account for Client and Accountant


Still loving Quickfile and still recommending to all my Newbies (and existing clients too)
I currently have a client that i’m now transferring their second business from Sage to Quickfile (one is already using it) Is there any way yet for my client to operate two business’s through the same login (effectively an affinity account) and for me also (as their accountant) to have both their business’s on my affinity account too?



Hi @Anna

Thank you for your positive feedback! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately they would need to use a different email address for each account.

OK, thanks - any chance of this changing in the future? - my lovely clients seem to like the idea of having several business’s running at the same time!

There aren’t any plans to change this I’m afraid. It’s a policy we’ve had from the start.

As always, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the forums for any announcements should they ever change

One small suggestion that may work for your client. With some mail providers like Gmail you can have different email alias names all linked to the same email account.

For example:

With Gmail you can enter whatever you like after the + and it will route through to the same account. I’ve seen this used a number of times for the purpose of creating multiple accounts.

Hi Glen,
I can see how that might work, but it’s not ideal– however – another idea would be for you to allow some kind of accountant user – that allows a business with an affinity account to invite their adviser to login, and then if you could somehow allow that login to have adviser privileges that could somehow enable it to have multiple logins to affinity accounts perhaps…. I’m not sure if you could work it

I suppose the answer could be for me to have multiple email addresses to login in to my clients affinity accounts as a team member – so the affinity account would be with them rather than me – but that becomes a pain for me then, remembering which clients are on which logins….

Or perhaps a different type of affinity account set up would do it – accountants affinity maybe (to affinity and beyond perhaps!!!) something like that maybe in the long term? – we (accountants) are definitely your friend – so it would be great if there could be someway around this problem.


Unfortunately I don’t see a straight forward solution here. Accounts on QuickFile are uniquely keyed to email addresses, to allow multiple accounts with the same email address would require some major overhaul on the underlying systems. Affinity works on a level above the regular QF accounts to group together accounts and provide a unified way for accountants and bookkeepers to access their client accounts.

As a solution to remembering the email addresses you could embed the email address in the account link as follows:

The above will prefill the email box which will save you needing to store it separately, you just need to store the links and key in the password. That’s probably the best solution I can come up with right now.