Affinity Administrator

Hi, I am new to affinity and have set up a new client. Problem is on the dashboard the new client shows another client’s email address in the contact details section.

I went into the ‘team management’ section withing affinity and can see my details but cannot add others, there is a message " Adding Additional Team Members. To view, modify and add team members you will need to be logged in with administrator privileges."


Hi @Mushroom

The team member management is restricted to the main administrator of the Affinity account. In most cases, this is likely to be the person who set the account up.

Do you know who this user is in your case?

That’s myself, that’s what I am finding confusing as I do not have any other team members.

Let me send you a private message and I’ll take a closer look for you.

Please look for the notification in the top right.

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