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Affinity clarifications required

I need clarifications on to who needs the affinity: is it the business or the accountant?

E.g. I have several businesses and moving all to one accountant - all my businesses are on different email addresses, but my accountant only has one.

How does it work?


Hi @OvidiuS

It is the Accountant who would need the affinity account so that they can view all of the businesses.

They would enter the email address linked to each of the businesses,you would then grant them access for them to log in and view each individual account.

I hope this answers your question, please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.


Thanks - can that be charged to my business?

The accountant does not have QF, never used it before, so they use it just because we ask them to - so cost should be with us.

Does it make sense?

There’s nothing to stop you from signing up for an Affinity account yourself and just adding your accountant as a user.

Thanks - and then they can access all businesses with the same email address?

That’s correct :slight_smile:

As @QFBeth mentioned above, you would just link all your existing individual accounts to the Affinity account and then login into the Affinity account rather than the individual accounts directly.

Yes, they would have access to whichever businesses on the account you had linked and had assigned to them.

Thanks all - much appreciated

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Hi @QFMathew, @QFBeth,
I have signed up for Affinity and tried to assign user to the new accountant - however it says his email is already used in QuickFile.

I thought Affinity would resolve this?

What am I doing wrong?


Are you setting the user up in Affinity? If it’s saying the email address is in use there, it’s likely they already have an Affinity account.

Or they are simply connected as a standard team member on someone’s account (even one of your own)?

If they go to the Quickfile homepage they can get a link to the account they are registered on emailed to them if they enter their email address.

Sorted - many thanks!

I was still trying to set him up in the entity itself instead of Affinity.

Help much appreciated!

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