Affinity connect

I was thinking it would be a good idea to add a campaign, and I am quite happy to pay a refferal fee, but why do you insist on paying an extra fee of £60 to before you can setup a campaign?

Hi Nigel,

A regular listing with should be fine, you shouldn’t need a paid subscription. We use to import information about your accountancy practice into QuickFile when displaying your offer. Part of that information is the company logo, I believe you need a premium subscription on to include a logo, but if this is not available then we will use the logo uploaded to your Affinity account.

If you need any help setting up or get stuck with anything let us know and we’ll open up I private thread.

Yes, when I try to add the campaign it says “not authorized to perform this action”

That is strange! I’m afraid I will need to escalate this to the development team. We should be able to have a good look tomorrow morning and I will update you as soon as we identify the issue.

@nigelhenshaw the message is a little ambiguous but it’s showing as you don’t have a Direct Debit configured on the account. You will first need to setup a Direct Debit authorisation from the billing section (see below) in your account, this will allow for any referral commission to be collected when an order is placed.

You will then see a green button to setup the Direct Debit.

I see, thats great thanks