Affinity Dashboard problem adding account


I cant seem to add another profile to my account.
It just takes me to the ordinary sign up screen, is there a problem with it at the moment?



It seems to be working for me, what you should see is a slimmed down version of the regular registration screen. It shouldn’t ask for an email or password.

Are you getting something like this?

I do believe however that the header labels have recently changed, where is says “A little bit about yourself” should read “A little bit about the business”. We will look into this.

yes, but it warns me that if i continue to register in this way the account wont be linked, and to return to my affinity dashboard and click add profile… so sends me around in a big circle.Is there a limit that i can have on my dashboard?

This Affinity generated link is invalid or has expired.
To auto-link this new account to your Affinity profile, please return to your Affinity dashboard and re-click on the profile create option.
You can continue to register an account here but it will not be automatically linked to your Affinity dashboard

this is the error it comes up with!

Ok please try going back to your Affinity dashboard, refresh the dashboard then click on the red button to create a new account. I think the link is expiring too quickly. Refreshing the Affinity dashboard and going straight into the create new profile button should solve that.

In the mean time we will look at extending the expiry on the link.

hi, I’ve refreshed and then immediatley clicked create, but its still not working - i’ll work around it for now, as my client is itching to use it!

Please give us 5 mins, I’ve got someone on this now.

ok, will do, thanks Glenn

It should work now, I’ll just run a quick test.


OK still issues… sorry.

I’ve sent you a link you can use in the mean time (check your private messages on this forum). We now know the cause of the problem and are working on a fix.

My apologies.


OK the underlying issue has now been fixed. I’m sure it will work correctly now.

Brilliant - client added successfully - Thank you

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know :smile:

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