Affinity Interface Branding

Affinity interface branding suggestions:

  1. Enable unbranded login to Affinity.
  2. Enable a means for Affinity users to brand their own accountancy firm identity on the Affinity control panel.

Paul @Oxford.

Thanks for the feedback Paul.

We can certainly explore this further if other Affinity users would find this useful. In terms of Affinity white-labelling, we are planning to fine-tune the profile level branding as a priority as this is where the end-user clients will log in. The sort of changes will be similar to what you previously suggested re: removal of the Quick File help menu and other such references.

Further suggestions for potential support by other Affinity users:

  1. Create alternative but unbranded point of entry (eg This method would preserve both branded and unbranded sign-ins. Affinity users could then point their accountant-team members to the unbranded portal for login.

  2. Apply the same branding to the Affinity control panel as determined by Affinity users for their own profileā€™d clients. Thus the same logo and colour scheme determined by the accounting firm would apply equally to both the accountant-team and their profile-created clients.

Paul @oxford

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