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I’m currently evaluating Quickfile affinity network. I created a number of new profiles but detached them without creating team members. I cannot now create the profiles under the same name. Have they been deleted from the system? is there anyway to re-store them? Thanks in advance

All sorted now. Affinity is awesome

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When a new QuickFile account is created from Affinity it will assign a default user, you can then add additional users in the team management area. If you later detach the profile and there is only the standard default user then the account will be orphaned and eventually deleted.

I see you mentioned that you sorted this but if you need any further help please get in touch.

Thank you for your speedy response. It is really appreciated

I have attached/linked a number of accounts to my affinity platform. some of these accounts were created within the affinity system and some were linked. Now when I log into any one of these accounts i get the following message.

 NEW DIVYA GROUP  is also linked to your account as an agent through  the Quick File Affinity system. [Remove user]

Affinity Contact name: Account Administrator Send a message
Telephone: –

If I click ‘Remove user’, then the file is detached from the affinity platform . What have I done wrong to get this message and please advise on how I can get rid of it. Thanks

This will appear on all accounts linked to an Affinity portal, all it’s saying is XYZ COMPANY (the name of your Affinity account) has access to this account and can log into the account via the Affinity portal.

I’ve dropped you a private message should you want to discuss any specifics about your account.

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