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Affinity Price Change

I have recently received a price increase. However I can’t seem to easily find notification or mention of it on your website?

I wish to notify my client of the price rise but can’t see anything on Quickfile notifying me of the price change? Please can you advise of the link showing the notification where a single affinity account is now priced as a power user?

The price increase took place at the same time the update was issued about logo removal of existing Quickfike clients, prior to being linked with an affinity account. Went from 10p to 15p day

AC 1102401624

Is it a price increase for the same account size or just that their account has tipped over to the next size category (e.g. it’s hit 4000 nominal entries and gone from L to XL)?

Thanks for the reply. As far as I can calculate a tier change only works out at 2p extra day from medium to large. Even if you add vat this is not equal to the 5p per day jump in charge.

I’ve basically gone from affinity to power user pricing structure. All I want is some confirmation of when this change took place and where I can find notification that this would happen. The account is still affinity, just not priced as advertised on the website 1 account = 8.21pence per day + vat Large account

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