Affinity Subscription Check

I started to do some admin on one of my two accounts with Quickfile, consolidate logins so I only have one login email address, it says I need affinity. I thought I had that, how do I check ?

If you go to and try to log in you’ll find out.

Hi @John_Charnock1

Did you manage to work out if you had a log in for Affinity?

Yes I did, I don’t have it

I have two accounts and want to use the same email for both acocunts, is that possible ?



Hi @John_Charnock1

Each QuickFile account must have a unique email to access the account. The only way to use the same email would be to set up Affinity and access the accounts through there - you can set up the second account though Affinity once you’ve got it set up.

The other option would be if you have a gmail account there is a workaround that can make it seem like you have a unique email but they all go to the same mailbox:

If you add a “.” in the middle of some letters so would be the same as but for the purpose of QuickFile these are seen as unique.

Similarly you can use a “+” so you could have would be the same as just

Hope this helps

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