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Affinity Vs PUS confusion!

I’m still confused on these two.

A sole trader uses QF for business no 1, but will need to add a second (rental property) . Being a single property rental business the size in QF will be either small or X small. The first was large so we paid the PUS, now its mediums & will probably stay medium. So we need Affinity.

The reason for adding the rental in the onset of MTD. Does Affinity have MTD features or do we have to buy single or multiple PUS’s to add onto affinity for MTD Similarly, will we have to pay for one or two bank feeds for the two business?



Bank feed costs are per business so affinity or not you’d pay for 2.

Affinity is a way of accessing multiple accounts from one dashboard. Commonly used by accountants to access client accounts but could be used for someone with multiple businesses.

Mtd is something each account has its not related to an affinity account because of the above.

Thanks, does that mean I need two Power user subs in order to mtd both QFa ccounts?

As far as I know power user subs have nothing to do with Mtd submissions. I’ve certainly never paid for it and submit Mtd for all my client accounts.

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Just to confirm what @Paul_Courtier mentioned, MTD is available with all accounts.

The only exception is the bridging module which does require a Power User Subscription. But from the sounds of it, this wouldn’t apply to you.

This thread may also help: Power User Subscription vs Affinity

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