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Affinity white labeling logo stopped showing

Hi, The white labeling logo on my affinity account has stopped showing on clients accounts. This must have happened a while back.
I tried uploading the logo again but when logging into a clients account theres no logo showing.

Hi @George_H

Whether the logo shows or not depends on the ownership of the individual account.

If the Affinity account set up the individual account, they would be the owner, and the logo would show.
If on the other hand the account was set up and later linked to Affinity, the account wouldn’t be owned by the Affinity account, so the logo wouldn’t be shown.

Hope that helps.

I’m not sure that is correct, my account has always been mine but it always showed the Affinity accountants logo. I had to override it with a custom script.

Recently it disappeared altogether.

Hi @Lurch

If it’s disappeared now (and the navigation bar is at the top of the bar), then this would be the expected behaviour if the account isn’t owned by the Affinity account.

There was a period where it adopted the Affinity logo incorrectly, but this was fixed soon after the layout changes were being rolled out.

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