After allocating payment to an invoice an odd amount disappeared

Something has gone wrong with one of my supplier accounts, I was inputting past invoices and payments. Whilst I had an item on backorder at £116.45+VAT I placed another order with them of £555.73 and as I don’t have credit terms made payment to cover both so that there would be no delay in shipping, but erroneously sent £672.18 (Covering the NET amount, but not the £23.29 VAT. I then placed another order for £640.27 and made payment of the same amount and at this point QF was correctly showing a supplier balance of £116.45.

This morning I have added a new prepayment for £3532.92, created a new purchase for £3509.92 and logged a payment from the supplier account, but the supplier account was then showing £139.44, 30p less than it should have been.

Assuming I had made a keying error this morning, I deleted recent transactions, but each time I removed a payment, it marked the previous invoice as partially paid and the mysterious 30p still owing, In panic I have deleted payments back as far as I can (to the previously submitted VAT return) but I am absolutely convinced that the amount showing on the suppliers page this morning was £116.45 as I had double checked the figures before I started. I now have absolutely no idea what to do to correct it.

My support request appears to have been missed - how can I correct this? I can’t see any way to see where this amount has gone!

Are these payments all in Sterling from GBP bank accounts or are there possibly currency differences creeping in?

They’re all Sterling, this supplier isn’t enabled for any other currencies.

Hi @Mark_Manning

It’s worth going through the supplier account transactions, both the invoices and the payments (that are still there) to check that all amounts are correct. You should then go through your bank account and reconcile this to make sure all amounts are correct here

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