After year end are the ledger entries reset to zero?

I started using quickbooks in November 2016 and put a whole years of accounting through for 1/1/16-31/12/16. I am now a Medium user. Will my ledger entries return to zero now I have completed the year end for 2016?

Hi @milly

I just wanted to check that your message was intended for our forums as you mentioned ‘quickbooks’?

yes I do mean QuickFile!

Great! Thanks :slight_smile:

The nominal ledger count that we use to calculate account sizes is done on a rolling 12 month basis. For example, today we will take into account entries created between 28/03/2016 and 27/03/2017.

So in your case, where you’ve created entries dated between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2016, if they were created in the last 12 months, then they would still count.

You can view a breakdown of what’s taken into account by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Account Usage Report

Hope that helps!

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