Aged Creditors with negative balances

I am looking to run a report that will analyse invoice balances due to suppliers in accordance with the creditors balance in the trial balance. The list I have run just summarises the total of the amounts paid to and invoices received from suppliers. In the case where we have to pay suppliers in advance, resulting in a debit balance on the sillier account, this does not appear to be reported in the creditors balances anywhere. Please help.


If you click on Purchases on the main menu, then click on View Suppliers. Once you see your supplier list, click the Search button. You’ll then see a tick box for Prepayments. Click that box to tick it and then click Submit Search.

This will add a column to the supplier list showing any supplier prepayments/unallocated payments. You can sort the list ascending/descending by clicking on the little arrows to the right hand side of the Prepayments column header.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

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