Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down

I would like to use a one lump payment to show in the bank account rather than individual paid invoices. How can I do this?


Are the payments all from the same client, or from different clients?

If they’re from different clients, this isn’t possible I’m afraid.

If they’re all from the same client, you can do this in a couple of ways.

  1. Tag a payment to multiple invoices, by clicking ‘Tag Me!’, selecting ‘Payment from Client’, and selecting the ‘Pay down multiple invoices’ option

  2. Mark multiple invoices as paid from the invoice screen, and mark them as paid in bulk. Simply tick the ones you wish to mark as paid, and select ‘Update as Paid’:

Can we talk off line please as I need to give personal info. Thanks :slight_smile:


Of course, you’re welcome to send me a private message. Click my name and click ‘Message’