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Allocate Refunds

Is there a way to allocate a refund from a supplier to his account (no outstanding invoices) he is actually paying off a prepayment that is on his account??

Hi @jm23bg

Would it be possible for some clarification please?

What do you mean by:

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You need to find the actual unallocated payment or payments (easiest way is to go to the supplier’s overview page in QuickFile, “view” → “all payments”, then “search” for the payment type “unallocated”). Click through to the payment and there is “refund balance” at the top which you can use to refund the money to a bank account. This will create a pre-tagged transaction, if you have a matching untagged one from a bank feed then you can simply delete that and leave just the tagged one.

This would be simple if accounts could be simply transactional and not rely on credit notes and prepayments!

Here here !!! Why complicate Credit Notes? They’re actually just a minus figure instead of a plus. All this faffing around for an invoice, wastes too much time.

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