Allocating a Payment after VAT return is locked


I have identified an unallocated payment that is now locked as the VAT return has been submitted.
How do I now allocate please?

If it’s sitting as a prepayment on a client/supplier account then you should be able to allocate it to an unpaid or part-paid invoice/purchase using “log payment” → “apply from credit” in the normal way.

Hi Ian,

Thaks for the quick response. I am getting the following message on the tagged button in my linked bank account.

Transaction Tagged

This [Payment] was made by xxx and has not yet been allocated to any invoice… GBP xxx remains unallocated.

When I go into the invoice and try to allocate it adds another entry into the bank account and I am unable to delete the original entry due t the tax filing.

As long as the unallocated payment and the unpaid invoice are for the same client then when you go into the invoice and “log payment” you should see a checkbox “apply from credit” above the usual boxes for the amount, date, etc.

Thank you, that worked perfectly!!!

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