Allocating payments to an invoice

I have an purchase invoice in USD and have made payment from my bank account in GBP (two payments). I have added this to the credit of the supplier however cant find how i can allocate the payments i’ve made to the invoice. Please help as all of our invoices are paid in installments and this is becoming a major issue for us

Have you read

yes, however not a solution as there is no option for allocated credit or prepayment on the tags

Hi @CCNGlobal

You will need to go into the invoice view and then add the payment - you should then be able to select to pay from held credit

there is no apply from credit option available? is there any way to get some support on this as we require an urgent answer?

Hi @CCNGlobal

As you are dealing with a currency invoice and a GBP payment there isn’t a way to pay this from the bank transaction itself. You would need to create the payment from the client account.

I believe the easiest way would be to create the payment from the invoice that is being paid - this would then create an entry in your bank account so you would need to delete the original payments that were brought in by your statement upload/bank feed

Hi @CCNGlobal

Further to what @QFBeth has said, there is a section in this post that deals with how to raise a payment in the foreign currency and link it to the invoice: Invoicing in foreign currencies

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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