Allocating Pre-payments

I pay my Accountant in advance for work to be carried out and in the past I have created an invoice and tagged it to that invoice. However last year I created an invoice that does not balance with the amount paid and I have £151 left as owing, although we do not owe this. So this years invoice from the Accountant has now come in and I want to know if I should not create an invoice at all, just let the system tag it to the next invoice number every time I pay a monthly amount. I hope this makes sense. What is your advice on this? Thank you

You accountant should be doing your year-end journal covering any accruals and prepayments. Best if to record prepayment at year end through journals for example Dr Prepayment Cr Accountancy and very first day of next new year reverse that and record accountancy invoice as normal and allocate payments against it as usual

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