Allocating refunds in PayPal tagging

When tagging a paypal refund the dropdown box only lists 25 possible sales, but when you have upto 20 sales a day it will only show a coup[le of days worth of sales.
The only way to show more than 25 sales is to use the “Exact amount” tick box but that will not work for paypal as the feed includes the paypal fee but the refunds exclude the fee so they are not the exact amounts (or the vise-versa).
I need the dropdown box to be able so show all the transactions as per the “search range on bank tagging” setting on the “Advanced Features” page.
Or maybe have a second tick box for a slightly wider band than an exact match

Hi @George_H

Thank you for your suggestion. We try not to clutter the interface too much, especially with the tagging. As per usual, we’ll see what other members of the community think before looking into this further.

The alternative way of doing this at the moment is going into the associated invoice and raising a credit note and create a transaction at the same time. Alternatively, you can go into the payment and click ‘Refund Balance’ to generate the transaction (this can be found under Sales > View Payments, or go to the client record and click View > All Payments).