Allocation of payments is not working

I have created few purchase and sales invoices and now I’m trying to tag my bank transactions (payments from the customer and transfer to the supplier) but when I choose “supplier payment options” I do not see invoices from him (search range set to 6 months). When I choose “Pay down multiply invoices” I also do not see any invoices from that supplier.

How I can assign payment to invoices then?

Similar Situation with Customer’s invoices.

Also, why all my sales invoices are tagged as “Drafts” - I thought that they should have “Unpaid” status?


The fact that your invoices are showing as Drafts would explain why they’re not showing. It means you haven’t technically issued them.

There’s one of 3 ways you can make them ‘Unpaid’:

  1. Send by snail mail
  2. Send by email
  3. Mark as sent

Once you’ve done that, that will make them appear in the search for payments coming in.

As for purchases - do you have a reference number as an example please?

Thank you.

Yes, I have purchase invoices:

QF00001 to QF00007

Re: sales.

This invoice: Watches FOSSIL x 93 (Ref: 000002) is “Sent”. And still not showing up during tagging the transaction.


This is a USD invoice, are you trying to match it from a USD account? You can’t use tagging for linking USD invoices to GBP bank payments. In this case you would need to go to the invoice and lodge the payment there so the exchange rate can be specified.

Yes, I have checked USD account and tried to tag it there. It worked.
Customer was paying in to GBP for USD invoice - right. I didn’t have USD account that time.

So the same applies to purchases? But I used broker. If I wanted to pay €1000 (invoice was in eur) I just transferred GBP equivalent in to the broker’s account.

How to log those transfers then?

To lodge the payment on the invoice manually?


In general bank tagging only works when the bank currency and invoice currency are the same, so this would apply to purchases too.

If you have a FX broker account then you need to create a separate account denominated in that specific currency under merchant accounts. You then pay any USD invoices in and out of there. When the broker transfers your the GBP amount you’d tag as a transfer from the FX account to your GBP account.

If you search FX Accounts on here there are a few articles covering this subject.

My last question is:
If there is a similar situation: invoice in EUR but payment in GBP (I didn’t have EUR account that time) because I cannot tag that transaction on the statement but I can log in payment through the invoice the new transaction will appear on my bank statement in quickfile. It will have the same date and amount. Shall I then delete original transaction?

If the new transaction simply replaces the old one, you can safely delete the old transaction.

As long as everything is correct it’s fine :slight_smile:

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