Allow renaming of credit notes

Our business take in plastic waste. So that the waste supplier knows what to invoice us we raise a “rebate statement”. It’s affect is the same as a credit note - i.e. my system knows that I owe them money - but it is NOT a credit note. Because I pay them against it, rather than it sitting as a credit. To be honest it would work fine (I think) if I could just change the word CREDIT on the QuickFile document to REBATE STATEMENT when I enter the value as a minus (which I’ve tried).

Hi @AylGran

Unfortunately the name of the credit note can’t be changed at the moment, only invoices and estimates. I’ve included the link below for these, for you reference, but “Credit” isn’t one of them I’m afraid.

Thank you so much for responding. The problem that I have is that rebate statements are a fundamental part of our business. I probably send as many invoices as I do rebate statements. It is not possible for the same change to be made possible to the CREDIT as you have done to the INVOICE? Calling them a credit is incorrect and I struggle to see how I can work with this system on this basis. Be really grateful for your further response.

@AylGran - I will certainly pass your feedback onto our team, but at this time I’m unable to provide any timeframes, should this be added.

I will however keep you updated.

Appreciate that - thanks.
Just one thought…am I able to “insert” and therefore over write / hide the word “credit”

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