Allow statement address font size to be changed

Hello there

Small question - how do you change the font size for the client address on a Statement??

I understand this can be done quite easily on an invoice (I’m using the standard invoice with a few tweaks) but when you generate a statement the address font size is tiny and when printed out you can hardly see it?

Is this something I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Currently there is no CSS style editing for statements like there is for invoices. We are developing a type of file manager at the moment that will allow users to customise many more areas within the application. It’s likely to be launched within 3-4 weeks.

Thanks Glenn

Thought I had done something wrong - I will print out my own statements and post them rather than send them automatically through “snail mail” as the font is tiny and may not get there :smile:

Love this ever evolving software - what a great idea.

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