Allowing to email a PDF or Word Letter to a client or multiple client letter option

Would it be possible to allow the system to send a document eg a letter I have put in my document manager to a client as I do not want to create every letter again to a client when some are a standard template and have minor tweeks before emailing to the client. also the option to send the same letter to several clients as I look after my local village hall and send out an election notifcation to the groups available that there pre-booked session on a date needs to be cancelled.

We could possibly allow a link to an item in your document manager to be emailed to a client but not to send as an email attachment as this would consume a lot of bandwidth and slow down the mail server. Would a link work?

Yes think a link could so you can create a letter and then select several clients to send it to as at present you have to re type the same letter for each client. Which can be time consuming for a lot of clients.