AM I registered for MTD VAT Pilot scheme

Hi , I am a small retail shop and from today I will be using the MTD VAT return through quickfile for my VAT quarter April to June.
My question is how do I know if I am enrolled in the MTD pilot scheme? If I go to my VAT settings there is a line with a box to tick that says
Use MTD Pilot Features: Ensure you are first enrolled with HMRC for MTD

I think I may have done this but want to make sure. If I go to reports >HMRC dashboard of HMRC accounts I see the name of my company with the date joined ie today there is no UTR number. DOes the fact that my company is named in the HMRC accounts mean I have enrolled with HMRC for MTD?
Tahnks for your help

Hi @druidude

The UTR number isn’t shown at the current time. If the account is there in the HMRC section, and gives you the option to select a VAT period, then your account is all set up correctly.

HMRC would have sent you a confirmation email when you enrolled onto the scheme, but as of today I don’t believe this is needed anyway.

Hi thanks for your reply. I do not have an email confirmation from HMRC so guess I am not yet enrolled?
So I went direct to HMRC to enrol rather than try to figure it out via quickfile. I have got email confirmation doing it that way.

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