Amazon / eBay sales - Standard and Zero Rated Items

Hi Quickfile,

We operate on various amazon platforms and eBay and want to start using QuickFile for all accounting purposes rather than for just invoicing.

We understand how to import csv files from the amazon merchant accounts (files with lots of sales from various individual customer sales).

The issue is we have a mixture of VAT standard rate and zero rate sales.

What’s the quickest way to import these correctly?

Is there a way to link the VAT classification from the item SKU no set up in inventory in quickfile with the SKU description when importing in bulk?

Is there a way add columns when importing a statement into the merchant account. i.e. not just date, description and amount. i.e. we would like another 1 or 2 description columns.



There are probably a few ways you can solve this, it depends on the CSV output supplied by Amazon/Ebay. Here are two options that come to mind.

  1. You could obtain the CSV from Amazon/Ebay and import as sales invoices (marked as paid to the Amazon/Ebay merchant account). This method will then reference a colomn for VAT Rate so all the sales are created with the correct VAT.

  2. The other option is to import the CSV to the bank. If there was some identifiable SKU that forms part of the description you could setup a bank tagging rule to create 0 rated or standard VAT sales invoices based on that description.

Thanks Glenn.

Option 2 sounds good.

How do we adopt this for transactions containing more than 1 product - a mixture of zero and standard rated products and shipping cost which apportioned accordingly?



Unfortunately in this case there’s no simple way to automate the task. If this will result in excessive manual entry then your best option would be to just log weekly/monthly amalgamated sales invoices for both Amazon and Ebay.

By this I mean log a single sales invoice to capture all sales in a weekly or monthly period and pay to a generic client, e.g. Amazon Sales. This way you can just have one line for the total of standard rated items and one line for zero rated.

The following methodology can be adapted to Amazon/Ebay bulk sales: