Amend VAT Return end date

I would like to amend the VAT Return end date to yesterday 5/3/20 and submit VAT return for 1/1/20-5/3/20, as the company has ceased trading. Where in QF can I do this please?

Hi @annestudley

Are you registered for MTD (Making Tax Digital)?

Yes the company has been using QF since MTD live date

In that case, unfortunately the VAT periods are dictated by HMRC, so you can only use the periods they specify. You wouldn’t be able to change this.

As Paul (an accountant) said on your other thread, that’s not how it works. You tell HMRC that you’re deregistering, then they work out your effective cancellation date, they amend your VAT return due dates, and only then do you submit your final closing return.

Thanks both - I have deregistered the company but getting grief from the liquidation people requiring last submitted VAT return

If I’m honest, deregistering for vat is taking about 48 hours at the moment to receive your final vat return so there was really no reason why you couldn’t have done it when I advised you yesterday.

I did yesterday Paul - thanks for your advice.

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