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Amex Feed not importing transactions

Any reason why Amex feed doesn’t work (system says the link is active) and why we cannot retrieve past transactions?

Hi @EDJos

There is an issue that’s affecting a small number of users, which is currently being investigated by AmEx.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the feed usually fixes this, so it’s worth trying that in the first instance. Once that’s done, if needed, we can re-run the feed for some previous dates for you.

Hi Mathew,

I have disconnected and reconnected as suggested.

Please re-run feed as of 02JUL21



Hi Edward,

I believe I have located your account and re-run the feed for you :slight_smile:

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We have the same problem, but the feed settings link from within quickfile is a 404 page error, so there is no way to disconnect & reconnect.

Prior to this we also had issues with missing transactions, in cases where the transaction date and posting date to the amex statement were far apart. Can support advise a fix for all these issues please?

where are you seeing the error page to? I’ve just tried mine and it seems to load all ok but not sure if i’m looking at the wrong page. I haven’t had issues with missing transactions either but maybe theres something obvious which I’m missing. I don’t use the card a lot but the feed does its job for me!

I click Feed Settings in this menu on the Amex account page:
and I get:

Hi @tristan

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here. Let me sent you a private message so we can take a look into this for you.

Same problem as Tristan here too. 404 on the Amex feed, and it no longer updates.

@tristan @Securys - Please accept our apologies. We’ve just fixed the 404 issue.

If you encounter any other issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Hi, just following up on behalf of @tristan. The Amex feed is now working again. Please can you re-run our feed from 17-08 through to 22-08? I know of one transaction definitely missing. Let me know what you need to find our account.

One more thing - there was no reminder email from QF to refresh the Amex bank feed consent, only the email as seen below, which meant nothing to us and we didn’t know what action to take if any. Could this have something to do with what went wrong?

Hi @Susiec

Thanks, I’ve refreshed the feed for you and i’ve reported the email to the dev team to take a look into and update

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