Annual Accounts


We have already used your services to submit annual accounts for one of our other businesses, however we we have come to use your services again it is not available. Our deadline is 31/6/15 so we would like these to be processed. All accounts upto date in QF.



I will ask somebody on the accounts department to contact you today in regards to the other business. We did recently put this service on hold due to the increase in our workload.

Hi Glenn,

That would be great, the reason being i am planning to continue to use QF and the accounting services going forward for both businesses.


The Knowledgebase states approximately 1-2 weeks to process submitted accounts. I assume this is no longer accurate due to the increase in workload? I submitted the last of the documentation requested for my submission 4 weeks ago and I am required to lay the completed and filed accounts before the shareholders at our General Meeting on 16th July.
Can you provide a revised estimate please on the 1-2 weeks?

It really depends on many factors, although most of the work we’ve taken on more recently has been prioritised by filing date.

I don’t work on the accounts side, but I will ask somebody who does to contact you to provide an update.

We have since stopped taking new orders for accounts, mostly due to it being very difficult to manage expectations in terms of delivery times and queries for the rate we charged.