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Any UK Property Investors Using QuickFile?


Are you a UK based property investor with a portfolio of properties? If so do you:

  1. Use QuickFile for recording your receipts and payments.
  2. Categorise which property the receipt/expense goes against and if so how do you do this in Quickfile?
  3. Can you run a report showing the ins and outs by property and if so what report is in QuickFile for this purpose or have you amended it somehow to show what you need?

I currently use Microsoft Money and I’m able to add Properties, Categories and even tag by tenant name (needed for shared houses). If this works I’ve added an image showing the report I can get from MS Money. I want to replicate this in QF.

Any suggestions please?


For numbers 2 and 3 QuickFile has a “project tagging” feature that lets you group sales and purchases in whatever way you like and generate a per-tag profit and loss report. You could use a separate tag for each property. Though I’m not sure whether there’s a way to generate the grid view with all different tags as columns.


Hi @garethcthomas

As @ian_roberts mentions, project tags is likely to be the way to do this.

There’s no way at present to view a breakdown of the nominal income and expenditure for a range of project tags (like your screenshot), but you can view an overview of all the tags between two dates, from the project screen itself (Reports >> Projects).

I did find an existing feature request for this sort of view, which you may want to add your vote/comments to: Monthly P&L for Projects


@ian_roberts & @QFMathew

Thanks both for responses/confirming. I’ll investigate project tagging. I take it that project tagging is available as part of the free package if classed as a small business.

I’ve added my comment/support to the other thread quoted.


That’s correct. Project tagging is available on all accounts.