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Any way to unlock invoices after VAT return?

After a VAT return is submitted, all prior transactions are locked. I need to correct an exchange rate on some USD invoices and also purchase as incorrect values have been calculated and applied. Is there any way to have them unlocked?

I can’t just create journals to correct the entries as there isn’t a correct corresponding entry to journal out (currency charges 7902 has a partial correction for the invoice but it’s the wrong amount, and there is nothing on that account for the purchase).

Hi @Silverfrost.

The only way to amend transactions that are locked by a VAT return would be to roll back the return. The issue with this is that if it has been submitted you can’t re-submit you can only amend things on QuickFile’s side.

Thanks for your reply @QFBeth. I thought that might be the case so I will have to journal them all out to correct the errors. It’s difficult because they are all mixed up with all of the currency rounding errors which QF makes due to only dealing with four decimal places and the erroneous occasional post QF makes to the currency charges account. I have learned my lesson now though - I have to manually check and correct each transaction which involves a different currency and journal out the errors as I go along.

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