API - Bank functions


I would like to integrate Tide.co bank feed into QuickFile but in the list of API methods, I don’t see any one related to the Bank Class. Is this normal?


Hi @cedev

Our API supports 3 bank methods:

  • Bank_Search
  • Bank_CreateAccount
  • Bank_CreateTransaction

All 3 can be found here:


I forgot to precise that it was within the Partner API thing. I found one that is “Invoices.Bank_CreateTransaction”.


All 3 of those functions should be available through the API Partners. It uses the same end points and set up (just operates slightly differently).

But glad you found the create transaction method. Please let us know if we can help further.

How can I obtain the Nominal Code from the API?

Do you mean of a specific bank account?

If you are creating a new one using the CreateAccount method, the code will be returned as part of the response (see the ‘JSON’ or ‘XML’ examples here).

If it’s an existing account, there is a function but I’ve noted this is missing from the documentation. It can however be found here

That was exactly the function I was looking for.

Would it be possible to make available as well the bank details in the response of this function?
It would make automatic account matching easier.