API calls to Quickfile update

Hi Glen - just in the middle of running routine to upload customers, of which there are 4844 and it has got stuck at 1,000.

I thought you’d set the limit to 5500?

Not sure what to do now, as I don’t want to start again, as it will try to duplicate the first 1000?

Any ideas why the limits are not as they should be and what I do to get this done now? I don’t want to have to sit and delete 1,000 customers to start the routine again.

Thank you, Russell

It looks like you were submitting with an ApplicationID? This would then reference the daily limit associated with the application not the account level limit. I’ve upped the application limit to 5500 so you should be able to proceed. The reason I didn’t do this initially is because we hadn’t launched that feature when we began our discussion.

Hi Glen - thank you for the update, I have been able to resume the upload.


Sure let me know when it’s done!

Hi Glen - all done, thank you.

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