API calls to Quickfile

Hi Glen - I know you have been in discussions with our database guy to work with him with linking our database to Quickfile via the API and I thank you very much for doing that - brilliant service!!

Mark has said that we are now at the point of running a routine to push across the customers, which will run into 1000’s so there is something you need to do at your end to allow this, otherwise there will be an error in the upload.

Thank you, Russell

Your API request limit is 3,000 per day so providing the number of clients don’t exceed this total you should be fine. You may wish to notify Mark that in the coming weeks we are allocating each presenter with a unique API key and we will enforce all submission numbers to be unique. We will give you plenty of notice and it’s a very trivial change that you’ll need to make at your end.

Hi Glen - actually, there is nearly 5,000 customers - so this will need to be increased.

Thank you, Russell

I’ve increased the limit to 5,500.

Hi, thank you. Russell

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