API: Create Invoice and Polish ... set GBP - not PLN

How to set up Polish lang and currency?

When i write



Language not supported (pl)

Why? Dashboard is an option Polish.



Result OK, but currency set GBP no PLN (Zloty).

ok, first question answer:

Poland PL POL


QuickFile system code “po”

OK it may have been originally setup as “PO”.

Regarding the second part unfortunately we don’t yet support multi-currency on our API.

That’s probably not what you wanted to hear! We do intend to add this but we are just completely backed up with other jobs at the moment.

@Glenn, did You add support multi-currency on API?

Hi @m_m

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we’ve added as of yet.

If there is any progress made, we’ll certainly update this topic and let you know

Any progress (with USD currency too)?

@m_m I’m afraid there’s no further updates I can report here at the moment. Sorry to disappoint.

I’m sorry for my question, but… Is it so difficult?

It does require some refactoring on our API, partly due to the way it was originally written in 2011. It’s certainly doable and we would like to add support for this.

What I will do for now is ask that it be reviewed in more detail, at least then I will be able to give you a clearer indication as to whether it can go ahead in the not too distant future.