API - Duplicate Submission Number

I seem to be having an issue at the moment where every other request sent to the API is returning as a duplicate submission. Not just one or two pages where the command is sent, it’s literally every other.

Is there a way of viewing the data sent to QF, or anyway of verifying if it is truly a duplicate, as I have no log of it - I only have logs of unique submissions so I’m a bit confused!

Thanks in advance

I will pass this information on. If I get a response on the weekend I will get right back to you.


I have some questions…

  1. Which method are you calling?
  2. Are you able to give an example of a submission number that is getting rejected?
  3. Does sending the same submission number after it was rejected eventually go through or are you seeding the request with a new number on subsequent attempts?

I believe we capture the XML for some requests not all. If you’re having problems with a specific method we can switch on the debug mode which will save all blobs. I’d just need to know the method you’re using in advance.

Hi @Glenn,

  1. It’s a variety of methods, but I’ve tried Client_Search, Supplier_Search, Invoice_GetPDF, Invoice_Create
  2. Of course: 513, 515, 517, 519, 521, 523, 525, 527 and so on
  3. I’ve not tried as the system records the error, and moves on. However, I’ll give it a go now via the sandbox. Edit: Just tried it with submission 553, and it won’t allow me to resend (Duplicate Submission Number).

Looking back through the records stored, the first issue was noticed at Thursday 18th, 21:26:37 (not being specific or anything!)

That sequence of submission numbers were used on the 17th. I’ve just managed to export a list of all requests made in June. I will send these to you on a PM.

Also have you considered using GUIDs instead? I’m not sure what language you’re using but GUIDs will not result in any collisions. Well it’s possible, but infinitesimally small odds :slight_smile:

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How odd! Didn’t expect my numbering to go backwards (and even miss a load out!).

I’ll certainly look at revising it! Thanks for getting back to me anyway. Onwards and upwards!

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