API limit reached

Hi Glen - the limit you set on our package of 5,500 - is that a one off limit or if that is reached then it needs to be reset?

Our own database is now linked via the API and giving us an error of limit reached of 5,500 - please will you increase the limit to say 20,000 or something?

Regards, Russell

Apologies…5,500 is a daily limit. I’ve upped it to 20,000 for now as it seems the 24 hour resets weren’t working so basically your calls were accumulating from day to day. We’re looking into this now and we’ll have it fixed today.

Hi Glen, thank you for sorting that out so quickly. Yes that makes sense, when I spoke with Mark he said it make sense to have call limit to stop calls that get stuck in a loop, but not to have a cumulative type limit.

Cheers, Russell

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