API not creating web hook

Continuing the discussion from Webhooks Beta is now Live:

I’ve just created 3 clients via the API, but the queued Webhooks say 0, and there aren’t any previously sent.

Although, I know you said that the intended behavior is to receive a webhook after an API call, I don’t mind it working in the current way, seems I’ve already sent the data to the system in the first place.

OK we can certainly have a look at that and report back.

Just thought I should mention, I’ve just tried some other things with the API, and so far it appears only to be new Client_Create not creating a webhook

Yes, we’ve identified an issue with the client_create method not firing the web hooks. We’re looking into that now, I will update you when this has been resolved.

@Parker1090 this should work as expected now, I will leave open if you have any other client webhook related issues.

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