API parameter inconsistancy


In the Bank_Search and Ledger_Search Schemas, the selection parameters for dates and amounts are FromDate, ToDate and AmountFrom, AmountTo.

In the Journal_Search Schema the parameters for dates are DateFrom, DateTo.

Would it be possible to be consistent and have either DateFrom, AmountFrom or FromDate, FromAmount, please?

Apologies if this seems a bit trivial and picky.



Hi @bernie

It’s not something we’d be able to change this in this version, but certainly something we’d be able to look at in future versions.


Thanks for that. Maybe allow both forms, so you don’t break existing code?

This is what we would do, but it would be on a different version number. Currently we’re on 1.2, so the change wouldn’t affect existing connections.

That said, our team are tied up at the moment with Open Banking and other important changes, so I’m not able to give any timescales for this unfortunately.