API support for creating and retrieving purchase records

Hi - I notice there is now an API for purchases, but there does not seem to be one to create suppliers - is there one for suppliers too or is this being created? Also, within the Invoices.Purchase_Create - does this also allow for credit notes too please?

Likewise for the sales Invoices.Invoice_Create - is this where credit notes are entered too?

Thank you, Russell

Yes we have recently extended support for creating and retrieving purchase records. Currently there is no support for supplier creation or credit note creation. We are developing the API over time so will add these features as soon as we have the resources to do so.

So for the time being, would you suggest that, so long as we enter the supplier name exactly as it already appears on Quickfile on our database, that as soon as a purchase invoice is applied to that supplier on our database, the API will transfer it - I have a software guy that will do this part for me.

We identify suppliers by an internal ID called supID. This is visible in the supplier detail screen (see the URL below), it’s this ID that should be recorded against your native supplier record, this will ensure that when the supplier methods arrive to the API you will be able to relate them with QF by reference to this ID.

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