Applying Credit to Client Account

Hi All

Looking for some advice on how best to process a recurring transaction in Quickfile.

We have a customer who we sell regular services to and also some ad-hoc project work on occasion. We also sell services to customers of the customer (call them users) and we offer the customer a ‘referral reward’ each month as a cut of the end user’s bill. Up until now the referral commission has been less than the customer’s service bill each month so we simply have a recurring invoice for the service bill with a negative line to discount by their commission amount each month. Nice and easy.

However, now the commission amount is greater than the sum of the regular services the customer has from us its all started to get a bit more complicated. What we want to achieve is each month the invoice for the regular services be credited to £0 using the commission and the remainder of the commission to be added to the client’s account as credit that can be used up on project work in future, or if a large amount builds up can be refunded quarterly. The customer also needs to receive an invoice for the regular services each month (even with £0 due) for their own records.

I seem to be able to do all of this fine if I manually raise the invoices each month. If I enter a discount of more than the sum of the services it converts the invoice to a credit. But if I try to do the same to a recurring invoice I get errors if the sum is <= 0. Is there a way to correct this? Or should I be going about it a different way?

I guess I can’t just add prepayments to the client account and pay the invoice from that because the commission isn’t deposited into our bank account in a way I can credit a payment to.

How would you do this?


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