Approvals workflow

Hi guys,

We use QuickFile extensively in our charity and absolutely love it. However, I have one question - I’d like to be able to have some of my officers raise purchase orders but not have them posted until they’ve been approved. I appreciate from work I’ve done in the past that a full workflow system is a huge ask, but the ability to use QuickFile to control those purchases would be really useful.

Would love to know your thoughts on this.


I think this would require more granular permissions to work a basic level, i.e. a permission to send purchase orders. It’s certainly possible but would take several development days to properly implement and test. It’s not something that I’ve seen recommended elsewhere as yet so I’ll leave it open for others to add their vote or comment on the feature.

we new staff members and i wanted to know if there was a way of authorising the quote or invoices before they get sent out to a client so for example when a new quote or invoice is created it goes to a manager for approval, click a button to approve and then it can be sent.

Hi @Cybersec

It’s not something that’s available at the moment. However, I have merged your topic with the existing feature request to keep it together.

With features like this, we go by the demand from the community before we look into it further. I’ll also leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and to comment.