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Archive recurring invoices once expired


Simple question hopefully, what happens to the display of a recurring invoice when it ends? Does it go to archived or stay in the main view?



Hi @Lurch

I believe they stay in the main view in case you wish to reactivate them



OK then, so this leads me onto a bit of a change request.

I quite often do paperwork at all times of day and night so rather than randomly sending invoices out in the middle of the night it would be handy to get them scheduled for sending on the next working day for instance. I know you can do this with a recurring schedule set to 1 occurrence but I didn’t want loads of expired one off recurring invoices in the main view so could these one off invoices be automatically archived to keep the recurring schedules page tidier?

Ideally when creating an invoice setting the invoice date to a future date should schedule a one off recurring schedule, send it as required and then archive it rather than having to specifically set up a separate recurring schedule.

The other advantage of scheduling it to a future date is that people will get the email when they are in the office and are likely to do something about it rather than them viewing it sometime over the weekend at home and then forgetting to revisit it when back at the office so maybe a global send invoice during working hours option would be a handy feature? Obviously there would need to be overrides on the invoice creation screen for immediate sending if required.



Hi @Lurch

I’m not sure of the technicalities involved here, but perhaps @Glenn could expand on that.

I’ve changed the category to ‘feature’ for the time being.



We could introduce an account level setting, perhaps something like “Archive expired recurring invoices”, technically that would be very simple to do. Although it would be account level, i.e. you wouldn’t be able to have some expired and remain in the main view and some expired and archived.

Would that work?



Yeah, most of mine would be one off or 9999 occurrences (basically until further notice) so that would work and keep it tidy. This isn’t something critically urgent, I think the creating a one off from the standard invoice creation page would be a better option to work towards.



It’s convenient for us to leverage recurring invoices for one-offs. That way we don’t need to write a completely parallel set of rules for those cases. Another option we can apply is just to archive recurring invoices with only one single occurrence, maybe that would work?



I was just thinking of using the existing recurring invoice rules/process but have the profile created automatically when you date an invoice in the future rather than having to create it separately from the outset. End result is the same, it would just make the workflow simpler from the users PoV.

I think that would be good regardless of the other part of this, save cluttering up the recurring profile pages with one-offs.

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